With a degree in Graphic Design from Puc-Rio, Gustavo Venturini is from Rio de Janeiro, a sports lover, illustrator, designer, father of two beautiful little boys and the kind who falls in love every day with each one of the works he does.

From high school, he was successful drawing caricatures of his classmates and teachers.

He started his first company around the age of 15 when he made prints for shirts.

Even before he graduated, he opened his first design studio.

After that, his company also started to work as an advertising agency serving important clients.

Since then, there have been more than 150 brands and visual identities, in addition to many advertising, campaigns, packaging, signage and illustrations developed for small, medium and large companies.

In the meantime, he got married and guess who did all the decoration and visual identity for his wedding? Himself.

Soon after, came his first son, who got a little room totally decorated by this design lover. When he completed his first year, he produced his entire birthday party.

After a few years, his second son came, along with parties and more parties.

His differential is to dive body and soul into the universe of each one of his customers. He does not want to have a characteristic of Venturini in all customers. His goal is to leave all this shine with his own client.

Through timeless images, strategic thinking and hard work, his work positively surprises his clients by the agility and visual quality. Venturini's philosophy of continuity, resilience and simplicity results in elegant and sophisticated works that aim to resist the test of time.




Brand Strategy
Visual Identity System


Editorial Projects
Promotional Brochures and Folders
Institutional Stationery

Point of Sale communication:
Promotional Material
Banners and Posters

Internal communication:
Relationship Campaigns and Direct Marketing
Visual Identity of Endomarketing Programs



Graphic Design of Labels, Multipacks and Cartridges
Development of product line extensions
Packaging Revitalization

Signaling of environments for shops, restaurants, company headquarters, offices, clinics, hospitals, shopping malls, clubs, condominiums and public spaces.
Orientation signs, directional signs, location signs, warning signs, pictograms.
Fleet of Vehicles.